Nissan to enforce trademark rights on R35 GT-R in Europe


Lawyers representing Nissan have written to a number of businesses regarding their vehicle importation activities.

The businesses in question are suspected of importing and/or offering for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA) Nissan vehicles originating from Japan and which are intended only for sale in Japan. The trademark owner, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, has not consented to the importation or sale of these vehicles into the EEA and either of these activities would infringe Nissan’s trademark rights.

These businesses have been warned not to engage in these infringing activities and, if this is ignored, Nissan will seek the support of the English courts in enforcing its legitimate rights against those businesses.

The basis of this action is well established and has been confirmed in decisions of the European and English courts over a number of years. The action does not seek to prevent individual customers or businesses from buying Nissan vehicles intended for the UK or European markets.

Gary Frigo, Nissan Motor (GB) Limited’s Managing Director, said: “We have been made aware of a significant increase in activity in the import trade of certain vehicles, particularly the Nissan GT-R, which warrants immediate action.”

On the subject of the new Nissan GT-R Frigo explained further:

“Nissan’s number one priority is to ensure that the GT-R and its dealer network are in optimal condition to facilitate and support our customers. It will take until start of sales in March 2009 to do this. Until that time the UK will have no GT-R trained technicians, no established GT-R parts supply and, most crucial of all, the GT-R will not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.”

Nissan remains committed to providing customers with the best possible vehicles, in terms of value and specification, within the context of the regulations for safety and emissions laid down by the UK and European governments.



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Notes to Editors:
Any Nissan vehicle designed and manufactured for sale outside of the EEA will not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Product variances between Japanese and European specification vehicles determine that they are each supported by respective regional warranties. A Japanese sourced personal import has therefore no manufacturer backed warranty coverage. The Nissan GT-R was revealed at Tokyo Motor Show in October and went on sale in Japan in December. The next stage of GT-R’s global launch will take place in the United States in April 2008 followed by Europe in March 2009. Such is the specialist nature of GT-R and its role as an iconic model for the Nissan brand that only a select and limited number of retailers will be appointed for the UK. Details of the network will be announced at the beginning of March.

GT-R appointed dealers are committing to a significant investment to meet the standards required to sell and support GT-R. This investment is directed, for example, to training specialist sales and technical staff as well as purchasing advanced workshop tooling to maintain and repair GT-R.

Any customer can register their interest in GT-R and be kept updated with all official GT-R developments simply by visiting the dedicated website

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