Nintendo Wii - $1,000,000


Nothing to do with GT-R's, but its my blog, I write about what I want to. I bought a Wii for Merritt for her birthday. I was thinking about what to get her,stopped at a Toys R Us and bought a Wii. The lady at Toys R Us told me an employee had it reserved, but didn't buy it. I didn't really think much about it, but later I have been finding out how hard it is really to get one. However , some of these eBay ads are a little out there. $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Then I check out . Starting at $595. I think I paid $249 for the Wii. Yikes. Its an interesting and fun system, but people complained how expensive the PS3 was. Now they are paying PS3 prices for the Wii. Maybe should have taken some stock in Wiis. Double your money in a few months. That is I guess, if you could have bought them.

Although a couple of the auctions ending soon are selling for around $425 for the base system. Still a lot more than the $249 that I remember that was the system price. The laws of supply and demand. Then I guess it might end up being about GT-R's , how many can Nissan supply, how much will the US public demand, how much over MSRP will people pay ?

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Rudy said...

We paid MSRP for the Wii. Took a lot of phone calls, but my wife got it for my birthday last November.

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