Nissan Dealer Requirements to sell the R35 GT-R

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New Tools

Several new diagnostic and service tools will be necessary to support GT-R. These include:

Consult 3 software & attachments

Brake Caliper Wrench

Gouge-resistant gasket scraper.

The cost of these tools was included in the estimated amounts described in last week’s letter,and will be incorporated into the Initial certification cost listed on each participant dealer’sagreement. In addition, as with other vehicles, it may become necessary to procureadditional requiredtools which may be developed during the product lifecycle. These tools will be released, if necessary, thru theNissan essential tool program.

Existing/Available Tools

In addition to upcoming essential tools, certified GT-R dealerships must be equipped withreadily available equipment that has not traditionally fallen under the scope of the essential tool program.

Alignment Equipment – A certified GT-R dealership must maintain an alignment rack that meets the required tolerances of being capable of consistent alignment settings to within:

+/- 1 mm front toe,

+/- 10’ (minutes) in Front Camber

+/- 20’ (minutes) in Front Caster

A wide array of alignment equipment can meet these specifications. However, it will be necessary to verify that a certified GT-R dealer’s equipment is capable and calibrated accordingly. Examples of equipment that will meet these requirements include:

Hunter R811 series console with DSP600 series sensors or any current Hunter WinAlign

aligner with HS401 sensors. (Both are recommended and validated by Nissan’s

Techmate program)

Others: John Bean V3D1 Ultra or V3D3 Arago, Hofmann Geoliner GL-680

In addition, the alignment lift must be capable of accommodating a low clearance vehicle. GTR’s clearance will be 5” at the front spoiler with an 11 degree maximum approach angle. Consequently an in-floor alignment lift is best. If an above ground lift is used, ramps must be
long enough to accommodate. All Hunter RX and 4 post models can be made to meet this specification using auxiliary stage 2 approach ramp extensions as detailed in the Hunter rack accessory brochure


If your dealership has alignment equipment other than what is listed here, please confirm the tolerance capabilities meet or exceed the minimum requirements to support GT-R. Brand of

equipment is secondary to ensuring the equipment is capable of measuring to these tight tolerances and calibrated correctly. Verification of equipment performance and calibration will be required for certification.

Access to Nitrogen – This vehicle will be shipped from the factory with nitrogen filled tires. Nissan does not specify an essential tool for this purpose. However, each certified dealer must
have access to nitrogen to ensure vehicles in inventory can be maintained in factory condition for delivery to the customer. This could include a nitrogen generator system, bottled nitrogen gas or access to a reliable sublet source for the purpose of maintaining tire inflation pressure.

Special Supplies – GT-R is engineered with many new and unique Powertrain design features.
As a result, only certain chemicals are authorized for use in GT-R. They are as follows:

Engine Oil – Mobil 1 only 0w-40 or 5w-40 (this requirement is key to protect the plasma
coating on cylinder walls)

A/T Oil – Proprietary Blend developed specifically for GT-R, to be ordered thru NNA PDC


Final Drive Oil – Castrol 75w140 only

Brake Fluid – Proprietary DOT-4 Blend developed specifically for GT-R, to be ordered thru NNA PDC only

Optional Process - Tires

GT-R will be equipped with unique run-flat tires manufactured by Bridgestone (summer tire) and Dunlop (all-weather tire) mounted on specially designed 20-inch alloy wheels. These tire/wheel combinations will require the most modern equipment and techniques to remove/install tires from/on the wheels. Dealers who participate in the Dealer Tire program

and have the proper equipment and training to service these wheel/tire combinations, may choose to keep this business in-house. However, a dealer can still become a certified GT-R dealership without tire service capabilities. In these cases, a factory Bridgestone and Dunlop
distributor must be utilized for service of GT-R wheels/tires.

Specifications for dealers to perform tire service:

Tire Machine - Hunter TC3500, TCX550 or TCX500 series Tire Changer or equivalent

Wheel Balancer - Hunter GSP9700 series Balancer or equivalent

Technician Certification - Dealers must have at least one technician successfully

complete a training course in the proper use of equipment to service run flat tires.
Acceptable sources of training include Hunter, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Tire Industry Association (TIA) providers or other manufacturers of compliant tire changing/balancing equipment. A certificate of completion will be required as part of the Sign-off Process.

Body Shop

Because GT-R will incorporate a variety of innovative materials and leading-edge bodyconstruction techniques, only one type of collision repair equipment has been authorized foruse in body shop repairs. The vehicle is designed with the cooperation and participation ofCelette. The Celette MZ+ system utilizes upper body and under body jigs designed specifically for GT-R. No adjustable collision bench/jig system is approved for use on the GT-R. Only body shops with the Celette system will be authorized to perform collision repairs. NNA is working
with Celette to identify body shops in the US and Canada that are properly equipped and trained. If your dealership already has a relationship with a body shop that is equipped with the Celette MZ system, please advise your DPSM so they can forward this information back to
Parts and Service Operations, Tool & Equipment group.

Sign-off Process

Once the participating dealers are identified and have returned their certification agreements, the process of verifying dealership attainment of the requirements will begin. Lists of facing Bridgestone, Dunlop and Celette certified bodyshops will be provided so GT-R dealers can establish relationships with sublet providers in locations best suited to their needs.
A Parts & Service checklist is under development which will be utilized by the District Parts & Service Managers (DPSM/DPSSs) to verify that every GT-R dealership candidate meets the minimum requirements. It is important for potential GT-R dealer candidates to consider the costs associated with any required upgrades to shop equipment and tool inventories. The informationcontained in thisbulletin outlines the major Parts and Service requirements to become a GT-R dealership and is intended to assist each dealer in making an informed decision regarding becoming certified. We believe the information provided to date to be reasonably complete. However, if additional necessary information or requirements are identified as the pre-launch process progresses wewill promptly advise as that additional information becomes available.

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