R35 GT-R parts prices.

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We have now seen a direct comparison between a number of 35 GT-R parts versus their 34 GT-R counterparts and it’s quite interesting stuff.
R35 GT-R Price Number required R34 GT-R Reference Price
Engine Assembly3,200,000 yen1754,000 yen
Turbocharger Assembly250,000 yen299,300 yen
Intercooler 86,000 yen2129,000 yen (only 1 required on R34)
Transaxle Assembly with transfer case1,570,000 yen1675,000 yen
Front Brake Caliper Assembly135,000 yen2108,000 yen
Front Brake Disk Rotor75,400 yen259,400 yen
Front Brake Pad Kit90,300 yen137,500 yen
Front Wheel149,600 yen2145,200 yen
Rear Wheel150,600 yen2145,200 yen
Front Bumper120,000 yen169,800 yen
Rear Bumper120,000 yen169,800 yen
R35 GT-R Engine Component Prices:
Price Number required
Camshaft21,200 yen4
Timing Chain4,390 yen1
Con Rods12,000 yen6
Pistons4,440 yen6
Piston Ring Set15,100 yen1
Crankshaft Bearing Set6,760 yen1
Injector Assembly11,500 yen6

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