StreetSeen.VI - Lots of 2009 GT-R photos

In case you’re hoping for a six speed manual, don’t hold your breath. This car’s been engineered around the GR6 dual clutch sequential manual transmission. If a fun sports car is what you want, the Mazda Miata may be your best bet. You get those with stick and an open top. If you want a machine to perform, continue reading: Although the gate looks like your ordinary automatic, it’s not. The transmission actually uses two clutches to hold onto gears. Imagine two manual transmissions wrapped up in one. Accelerate in first gear and the second side of the transmission already has second gear ready. All it’s waiting on is the pull of the paddle to swap the two clutches. Two hundred milliseconds elapse from the time you pull the paddle to the time the car’s fully riding on the second gear.

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