Mines R35 GT-R's - Two versions

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We've got tons of queries about our R35 GT-Rs though
just ten days have passed since the R35 GT-R has been released.
Thank you

Along with that, we've got a lot of interviews almost every day due to its popularity.

Like BNR34, we will focus on researching, developing
and create our two types of GT-Rs

One is what we've already raced at Tsukuba circuit
on December 6th, which is premium edition of R35 GT-R,
and we are going to build it as "Street version".

Another is what we raced on December 14th
at FUJI SPEEDWAY, that is standard edition and
we are going to build as "Circuit version".
This marked the record of "1.54.688" there

Like we mentioned, we are currently researching and developing
our new parts for R35 GT-R.
Please look forward to seeing our tuned R35 GT-Rs
at Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 next January, and visit our booth

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AgentOrange said...

Hi im louie from Orangeinks. Love you site! Feel free to use and hotlink my GT-R photos in smugmug and in my site any way you like. :).

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