2700 Nissan GT-R's presold by Decemeber 5.

Winding Road

Advance orders on GT-R hit 2700 as of December 5, according to Nissan, light years ahead of Nissan’s curiously modest domestic sales plan of just 200 units a month.

The GT-R comes in three grades in Japan - GT-R, GT-R Black Edition and GT-R Premium Edition – with stickers spanning $69,520, $70,929 and $74,687 at current rates. Mind, you’d also need another $5000 or so to get the car taxed and on the road.

They are trading hands for more than that in Japan now.

So far, orders for the base GT-R are running at around 18 percent. GT-R Black Edition is about 28 percent, with the GT-R Premium Edition commanding about a hefty 53 percent of takers.

53 percent premium. I guess its older , more luxuxy buyers that wanted this car. Maybe Nissan has hit the mark, with a bigger heavier, more upscale GT-R, not a raw sporty GT car. I guess everyone in the world is getting softer.

Colors? White has long been Japan’s favorite automotive hue and old habits, it seems, die hard. White Pearl is tops (about 27 percent) with these early GT-R orders. Ultimate Silver Metallic is next (about 24 percent).

Then it’s Super Black (about 22 percent); Dark Metal Gray (about 20 percent); Titanium Gray (about 4 percent). Surprisingly, Vibrant Red, one of the GT-R’s strongest colors, or so you might think, is way down the order at around 3 percent.

Don't they know that Red is faster. Although in Asian countries , red is not a popular color. Always whites. White is always a popular color in Japan, Hong Kong ,etc. Many of the 2700 have already left Japan for various ports around the world.

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