Gran Turismo - Top Gear Interview with Kazunori Yamauchi

Top Gear

"Next to them, the GT-R is the ugly duckling among the swans. But it's still a special car for us. For a start, we were involved in the car's development [Kazunori worked on the in-car information screens, and was given a GT-R for his efforts], and the timing of the game and the car have run closely together. So we were always going to be partial to it."

The GT-R is one of 71 cars in GT5 Prologue, each recreated in terrifyingly accurate detail. 'Lifelike' is a term bandied round too readily in the gaming world, but trust me: Prologue is worryingly, flinchingly realistic.

As we told you back in October, you'll be able to take on the famed corners of the Hammerhead, Gambon and the rest - something Kazunori is relishing. "I'm all set to drive the Top Gear test track," he says with a competitive glint in his eye. "I'll be out to win, even if I'm up against the Stig."

Beating the Stig in his own backyard? Car geek or not, that's quite a challenge. Roll on GT5...

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