2009 Corvette ZR1 : 638 Horsepowers

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Yes there is an extra "s" in horsepower. If the number is 638, it should be horsepowers.

"That makes the ZR1 easily the most powerful vehicle General Motors has ever produced and puts the king of Corvettes into a mighty exclusive club. The ZR1 essentially matches the output of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and trails the extra-extreme limited-edition Ferrari Enzo by only a smidge. Perhaps, just as important to Chevrolet, is that the ZR1 brings 38 hp more to the American-car smackdown than the new Dodge Viper."

Pay attention to the next quote...

"Notably absent from the press release was any boasting about the ZR1 being able to take the production-car lap record at the Nürburgring — something GM had earlier claimed."

I had heard GM blew up a couple cars trying to get under the record. Rumors, but sometimes those rumors have more truth than rumor in them. I wonder what the lap time was ? Maybe they are still trying, or maybe "Nurburgring lap times are not important". We will see what comes in the coming months


Anonymous said...

After Nissan bested the 1001 Horsepower Veyron's time, I don't see GM posting any times on their site. I bet they got a rude awakening when the GTR posted their #s. HHAHAHAHAAHAHA

Anonymous said...

rude awakening is right, the ZR-1 just posted that fastest production lap time of 7:26 on stock tires, stock tunning and with the head of GM performance development (a non-pro driver) oh, eat it bitches

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