Mines R35 GT-R FNF4

Just as I was sitting down to eat my wonderful Bakers lunch/dinner tonight, I got a call from one of the guys I know on Fast and Furious 4. They had an R34 GT-R that was having some issues starting. He asked if I could come quick to have a look at the car since the movie can't afford to have cars not to working correctly. I finished off my dinner and hit the road. About two minutes into the drive I got another call , "Bring your laptop".

Well thats not good. My laptop is in Long Beach. The Grid Datascan cable is in City of Industry. Not really on the way. My guy said: "I told them you would be there in about 45 minutes."

No way to get the laptop, the cable and make it to downtown in under about two hours. Forget the laptop, I will just go and check the car out. About 50 minutes later I was parked in the parking structure under the driving range in K-Town.

When I got to the level where they were filming, one of the first cars I noticed was the Mines R35 GT-R. I went and found a couple of the picture car guys. Had a quick look at the car. Nothing too major wrong with the R34. I hung around for a few minutes. Took a quick snap of the Mines R35 with the wonderful Treo at 2x for fine pixelization, and left for home.

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