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Koei-K rent a car in Japan now has an R35 GT-R that they will be renting out. No word on pricing, or even if they would rent it out to Gaijin. Pretty sure this car will end up like the other few GT-R's that have hit solid objects. Nose in.

Rental cars are the fastest cars on Earth.

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You can rent a Black R35 GT-R via this site that lets u access exotics. But there are requirements: Over 30, been driving for over 2yrs, proof you are employed. There's an annual fee, rental fee, usage fee (200yen/km), 3000yen Insurance etc. All on the site. They have an example for a R35 24hr Rental: Basic Rental Fee 15,000 yen, Insurance 3,000 yen, distance fee based on 200kms of 20,000yen so grand total is 38,000 yen.

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