Detroit News - Nissan Upsets the Sports Car Order

Detroit News
"The first time I thought I had driven too fast into a corner in Nissan's new GT-R, I realized this was not just another high-powered sports car. Instead of plowing toward the outside of the turn, or spitting out its tail, the 2009 GT-R simply hunkered down, gripped harder and saved me from embarrassment with a minimum of drama."

"That said, the Nissan costs just $70,000 -- a little over half the price of a 911 Turbo -- and a fraction of the cost of a Ferrari or other Italian exotic.

Judged purely from a performance and handling perspective, the contest between the GT-R and a 911, or a Corvette, is fairly easy to decide in favor of the Nissan. But aesthetically, the decision is much harder.

In any case, Nissan only plans to sell 2,000 GT-Rs in the U.S. this year, which is well below the typical annual volume achieved here by either the Corvette or the 911. The Nissan's real achievement will be a dramatic resetting of the performance and handling benchmarks for today's top sports cars. "

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