Los Angeles Times article - R35 GT-R

You have to love the start of this article -
"I know what you want from me. You think I'm just your little word slut, that I'm here just to arouse you with steamy descriptions of the new and instantly legendary Nissan GT-R. "

Dan Neil doesn't seem to like the car much. Thats ok though. Not everyone has, or needs to like it. The new car is like what I said about the earlier cars, "really easy to drive fast". I always said that most people would be faster in a GT-R on the track than they would be in another car. They always did a lot of things right, and made the drivers out to be better than they really were. A ten tenths driver, pro driver will be faster in other cars, but for ease to drive, the GT-R was a great car. When its easy to drive, you can drive faster as you have more confidence.

"On the day I drove the car at Fernley Raceway, near Reno, testers were getting 0-60 mph launches in the 3.1-second range. That's as quick as any car I've ever driven."

"So, what's the problem? It's not really a problem, just a matter of character. This car has been engineered to produce astonishing performance numbers, specifically around the Nürburgring, when driven by the finest drivers in the world. Driven by something less than the finest drivers in the world -- and that would include me -- the margins of safety and control are so broad that it actually makes the car uninvolving. Say what you want about the Porsche GT2: when you drive that car hard, you're in the fight for your existential soul. You are hanging on for a life made ever more dear by the peril."

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