684 hp Vspec R35 GT-R ?

Its funny how wrong information can be repeated. I saw the first Australian article that made the claim of 510KW - 684 hp, and I dismissed it. No way the car is going to be sold as nearly 700 hp. However, it seems to have gotten picked up a few places for people to argue about.

150 lbs becomes 150 kg. 510 hp becomes 510 KW. Conversions are kicking everyones ass. Especially since they are only speculated numbers. The real numbers will probably be something closer to 150-200 lbs lighter and probably another claimed 30 horsepower, or about 510 hp claimed.

The new Nissan GT-R doesn't land in Australia until early 2009, but the Japanese car maker is already working on a lighter and more powerful version If the new Nissan GT-R’s 353kW isn’t enough for you, wait until the debut of the GT-R V-spec, which promises 510kW of power courtesy of an increase in boost for the twin-turbo V6 engine.

Caught here at the Nurburgring test track in Germany, the GT-R V-spec has been set a target lap goal of under seven minutes and 25 seconds for the tricky, demanding circuit. That's 18 seconds faster than the cooking GT-R that is already quicker than a Porsche 911 Turbo.

The GT-R V-spec is also rumoured to have shaved 150 kilos off its (admittedly hefty) 1740kg kerb weight by the use of carbonfibre body panels and lighter, more effective carbon-ceramic brakes.

Those stoppers are fed cool air via a revised front splitter that boasts several new air intakes.

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this would shit on the new corvette

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