Mines Eibach Springs for R35 GT-R

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"This is fully designed for R35 GT-R with our confidence and pride.

It provides a stable and yet comfortable ride by considering
mainly the street use with the sufficient amount of stroke.

Furthermore, by using a tube isolator
the unpleasant spring sound of the standard suspension
is greatly reduced.

Variable rate spring
Tube isolator attached

Vehicle height (compared to the normal)
Front : -15~-20mm
Rear : -10~-15mm

Unit Price: 66,000 yen for a set"

They come with rubbers to make them quieter. About 3/4 inch lower in the front about 1/2 inch lower in the rear. Lower is better.


Anonymous said...

Has it been confirmed that the US version of the R35 will be able to accept JDM suspension components? I had heard there may be some small differences, and I was advised not to purchase any suspension parts yet for a US model vehicle. Sucks, because it'd be nice to order the parts in advance of the car's delivery here in the US.

Sean Morris said...

It has not been confirmed. There are some running changes in the rear subframes and mounting. At which point they made the rear spring a little more compliant.

Things , should be the same, but I am not going to say that they will work until I try the parts. Otherwise you will have some expensive paperweights.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's why I'm nervous...oh well, gotta wait and see. Please let me know if you can confirm any details later.

Thanks Sean.

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