Targa Newfoundland

I get an email one day asking about R35 GT-R ECU's. A guy is relaying some information to a guy in New Zealand that has an R35. The guy - Mike - also starts asking me some technical questions about an R32 GT-R, tells me he runs a website called Imported Vehicle Owners Association of Canada and that he is planning on running the Targa Newfoundland September 13-20, 2008. He asks me if I want to participate with him.

I have been thinking about it. He offered to let me drive if I want. I could either drive or navigate. I have navigated before in Open Road Racing. Watching a computer, and reading out pace notes at 125 mph in a GMC Typhoon.

So, I was really thinking about it yesterday. I talked to Mike on the phone for a while. Kind of interesting, he is a Kiwi also. He moved to Canada when he was 7 years old in 1981. I moved to the US in 1980 when I was 5 years old. Thinking about the event. Thinking about the time it takes. Thinking about how much money I will spend to do this. I figure it will cost me about $4k-$5k just to tag along in any capacity. Plane flights, food, lodging, safety gear. Making up for other gaps. Probably a few parts here and there.

I ate lunch at Panda Express, and when I opened the fortune cookie, it says " Yes, Do it with confidence."

The fortune cookie tells me to do it. And really, who questions a fortune cookie.

I heard a rumor about an R35 GT-R and Targa Newfoundland. Just a rumor though.

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