Feb 29, 2008

Edmunds - Inside Line - Americas first R35 GT-R

Edmunds Inside Line

"This is the first 2009 Nissan GT-R in North America outside the steel grip of Nissan itself. It's a JDM version imported by JspecConnect.com to promote the company, to maybe — maybe — add to the subtly textured drama of the fourth Fast & the Furious film and because, well, they wanted to have the first R35 in the country."

"Daryl Alison from JSpecConnect.com let Inside Line take it for a ride, including a triple-digit run up the Golden State Freeway. Don't let the cell phone photos fool you; this car is staggeringly gorgeous up close."

Feb 28, 2008

1/43rd scale R35 GT-R - Pre - Order April 1

1/43rd scale R35 GT-R. Supposed to go up for "pre-order" April 1 Is the April 1 thing supposed to be a joke ?Hobby Link Japan

Nissan Canada releases official Canadian Pricing for R35 GT-R

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Feb. 27 /CNW/ - Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) today announced
pricing on their all-new ultimate supercar, the 2009 Nissan GT-R, which will
go on sale in July at certified Nissan GT-R dealers in Canada.
The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the all-new 2009 Nissan GT-R will be $81,900. One model will be offered in Canada in six colours, and will include an 11-speaker customized Bose Audio system, standard Navigation and Z-rated performance tires.
GT-R is a multi-dimensional performance machine that lives up to the concept of "the ultimate supercar that can be driven by anyone, anytime,anywhere". The GT-R features an all-new hand-built VR series 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 producing 480 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm and 430 lb-ft of torque @ 3,200 to 5,200 rpm (estimated). It achieved a lap time of 7 minutes, 38 seconds around the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife, one of the fastest times achieved by a production-spec vehicle to date. The GT-R also features Nissan's ATTESA ET-S AWD system as well as an all new GR6 6-speed dual clutch transmission for optimum performance.

About Nissan Canada Inc.

Nissan Canada Inc. is the Canadian sales, marketing and distribution
subsidiary of Nissan Motor Limited and Nissan North America, Inc. With offices
in Vancouver (BC), Mississauga (ON), and Kirkland (QC), Nissan Canada directly
employs 290 staff, while 147 independent businesses hold exclusive Nissan
dealership franchises and 29 hold Infiniti franchises. More information can be
found online at www.nissan.ca and www.infiniti.ca

Nissan warns against unauthorized imports

Trade Arabia
Nissan has issued an alert to potential customers looking to acquire the parallel imports of its all-new and highly sought-after Nissan GT-R sports sedan.

Anyone considering bringing a GT-R into the country through unofficial channels will be ineligible for any Nissan warranty claim on such imports.

Before the official regional launch of the GT-R, parallel imports cannot get the full service necessary for its maintenance, even at Nissan dealers, said an official spokesman.

Nissan Middle East strongly recommends customers buy the super-car through any authorised channels only to ensure the complete validity of the warranty on their cars.

“The version especially produced for the region will be modified to deliver the best performance by matching local road and climate conditions. Nissan Middle East cannot guarantee that a parallel-imported GT-R will deliver the optimum performance as intended for this car as it may be wholly unsuited to the environment,” said general manager, marketing and corporate communications at Nissan Middle East Monal Zeidan.

Vehicles entering the region as unauthorised imports could also have specifications that have not been modified to suit local conditions, such as a preset speed limiter that cannot be released. They would also feature all-Japanese characters on dashboard and navigation displays, various switches and audio and multi-functional gauges.

“To maintain the high levels of performance, product precision and to ensure all safety systems are maintained to factory specification, the Nissan GT-R must be serviced in a dedicated facility with special equipment by specifically trained service technician,” added Zeidan.

The Nissan GT-R will be imported, sold and after-serviced through all official Nissan distributors in the GCC early 2009.

“Maintenance must be performed either in a Nissan High Performance Centre or in a specially certified workshop for the Nissan GT-R with station-certified technical staff who are specially trained to service the Nissan GT-R,” said Zeidan. – TradeArabia News Service

Driving an R35 GT-R in the US at low speed

It shifts quickly between gears.

R35 GT-R on the street in the US

Jspec Connect R35 GT-R in the US. Check out the downshift. Nice.

Do Not Rice Out Your R35 GT-R

I saw this in the manual yesterday, Trey from Cobb had posted some other funny illustrations from the manual, and I asked him to post this one. Cobb Blog Don't do it.

Cobb Tunings R35 GT-R on the dyno

Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R Blog

"As you may know, we’re NOT a fan of running a car at full load on the dyno until we’ve properly broken in the engine. However, we were constantly asked today what it did on our dyno so we succumbed to the pressure and we went ahead and made a few WOT pulls with only a scant 100 km on the clock.
OK, here are the results. A few things to keep in mind.

a) We use a Mustang AWD dyno and all power figures are at the WHEELS. Not the highest reading dyno out there, not the lowest.
b) Runs were made in 3rd gear due to the speed limiter coming on in 4th. Partial runs in 4th produced better torque but we hit the speed limiter before peak HP. Remember, this is a JDM model and thus has a 180 kph (~112 mph) speed limit…too be removed soon!
c) We’re at ~4000 ft altitude here in SLC. Thinner air, less power. Even with turbos. Hard to directly compare NA to Turbo but a brand new stock Z06 puts down 405 HP to the wheels on our dyno.
d) A 50/50 mix of 91 octane and 100 octane was used, which isn’t too different in octane rating from the fuel normally used in Japan."
"Blue Line is torque (peaked at 416 ft-lbs)
Red Line is HP (peaked at 419 HP)
Green is Boost (peaked at 13.8 psi)
Gray Line is A/F Ratio (dipped down to around 10.5:1)

We made nearly 440 ft-lbs torque in 4th gear since it could load the engine a bit more, and I’d suspect that with some time to properly break in the engine and removing the speed limit, we’ll see maybe ~450 HP (wheels). Not too shabby!"

R35 GT-R turbo - Get to know your turbocharger

Today, my mission was to weigh things, and to take a good look at the turbochargers. We pulled the outlet off one turbo, and the inlet of another. We wanted to see what the potential was for this IHI turbo. Some rumors were that it was good for 700 whp.
Click though for some more detailed pictures. Compressor wheel

There is a step in there. This measurement was just to help eyeball the inducer diameter.

The exhaust wheel exducer is pretty small.

The wastegate puck is pretty large.

Another picture just so we can eyeball the exducer diameter.
After looking at the inlet and outlet size of this turbocharger, I think it looks, on paper similar to the size of a 2510 turbo. Real similar to the size of the "special Nismo" turbos we had on the racecar for a while. The compressor blade design is interesting. Its also interesting how much power the car makes at 11-12 psi of boost that it runs. On paper, the stock turbos look like they are good for about 600 hp, however we are seeing about 520 hp at the engine at 11-12 psi. The size of the wastegate is also something to consider. Its large, and the exhaust wheel is small. 

CBA-R35 Turbos, RH, LH
Early My2009 USDM, 2008 JDM, 14411-JF03A & 14411-JF03B
Late My2009 (+ Euro models) and My2010-2011 14411-JF10A & 14411-JF20A
2010-2011 SpecV 14411-JF30A & 14411-JF40A
My2012 14411-KB50A & 14411-KB60A

R35 GT-R Rear Brake rotor weight

I did not weigh a front rotor today. Just a rear rotor.
26 lbs

R35 GT-R rear tire and wheel weight

R35 GT-R rear wheel and tire weight.
66 lbs

R35 GT-R front tire and wheel weight

R35 GT-R front tire and wheel weight.
63 lbs for the front.

R35 GT-R rear subframe weight

Yes, we weighed a lot of parts today. While you worked, I weighed R35 GT-R parts.
145 lbs for the rear subframe complete, less rear rotors. And that transmissidiffertransferclutchcase.

VR38DETT engine weight

VR38DETT engine weight. 608 lbs. This is the full engine with the first set of catalytic converters/turbo outlet pipes attached.608 lbs. Not so light.

R35 GT-R Transmission weight

Sure its a transmissidiffertransclutchcase. It weighs 326 lbs on M-Workz scales

Autoblog : 90 seconds in a Nissan GT-R

Autoblog. This car looks strangely familiar. I wonder why ?
"The car is very quiet, as we mentioned. The ride is smooth and compliant, at least with the suspension set to normal. We didn't have time to sample the other settings. We did toggle through the center display screens, marveling at the Playstation Gran Tursimo designers' handiwork. While they all probably could be useful in tuning, they make great entertainment on their own. The g-meter alone is worth hours of fun. As we entered traffic, our hearts sank a little at the congestion ahead. We were barely able to get up to the posted speed limit during our drive out. On the return though, the driver was able to accelerate a bit harder and we got to sample that amazing engine and all of that engineering in action. "
"This thing is a freight train. Coupled with the paddle-shifted tranny, that twin-turbo 6 felt more like a V12. We could barely feel the upshifts and the power never sagged. Normally a turbo will have a slight dropoff between gears and the accompanying gearshift will cause a break that makes your head rock forward. Not in this car. We were pinned back the whole time."

Cobb Tunings R35 GT-R has arrived.

Cobb Blog. Say that 10 times fast. Cobb will be developing aftermarket parts for the R35 GT-R. Their car is going on the scales, and then the dyno very shortly.

VR38DETT weighs - Nissan GT-R Engine

608 lbs. Transmisserdiffercase weighs 326 lbs

R35 GT-R manual - from Cobb Tuning blog

Cobb Tuning Cobb should be getting their R35 on the ground any day now. I am sure they are excited. They posted up a couple of the illustrations from the manual.I was looking at the manual yesterday, and I found these pretty funny also.
I will try and get a pic of "don't rice out your R35"

Eric- Beyond the Dyno - first thoughts on the R35 GT-R

Eric Hsu came by Steves shop yesterday. We had just taken the first car to the gas station. Nice picture of me, laid out in front of the engine. There are a few of Erics thoughts, and some other detailed pictures of the VR38DETT engine.

Feb 27, 2008

R35 GT-R flyby

2nd, 3rd gear acceleration.

More gooder pictures of R35 GT-R in the US

R35 GTR in the US

I drove this car today. Its fast. The transmission is really cool. So far my impressions are, the dampening is a little stiff on the rough roads around here in Gardena. In comfort it got quiet a bit better. Other than that, I have about 5 minutes in the car. Haven't tried any of the other modes out yet.


Its all together

R35 GT-Rs headed to Hawaii starting in June.

Star Bulletin

"Five Hawaii Nissan dealerships will get to sell the Japan-based automaker's 2009 GT-R, its entry into the realm of supercars.About 20 of the sleek, muscular, 480-horsepower, turbocharged lust-magnets have been allocated for sale in Hawaii, and deposits are being accepted."
"Dealerships on Oahu, the Big Island and Maui will divvy up the pie, including King Windward Nissan, New City Nissan, Tony Nissan, Kona Nissan and Jim Falk Motors of Maui.

The car was designed to compete, in the marketplace and on the road, against the legendary Porsche 911, which lists for $126,200, versus the GT-R's base price of $69,850.

Dealerships, sales and service personnel must be certified to handle the cars, due for delivery this summer."