Porsche GT3 UK owner drives the R35 GT-R

GTR UK Forums via Kultivate Blog
"The road suddenly clears and I have a good view so I bury the throttle and.....OMGGGG holy shit this thing is fast! I mean, REALLY fast. Porsche GT3? Forget it, doesn’t have the torque. 997 Turbo? We’ll stop later and wait for it to catch up. This car is truly, sensationally fast and I have a sudden understanding when Chris Harris calls it a baby Veyron.

Any gear, any speed, press the LOL pedal and your back compresses all the layers of fat from your back, out of your ears in a way that’ll have you reciting school assembly hymns for the love of god. My fear for my license keeps me at bay – I’ll save the top figures for the Autobahn or the circuit."
Cem the Admin/owner of GT-R UK forums went from an R34 GT-R to a Porsche GT3, and from the sounds of his post, he will have an R35 GT-R when its released in the UK.

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