R35 GT-R turbo - Get to know your turbocharger

Today, my mission was to weigh things, and to take a good look at the turbochargers. We pulled the outlet off one turbo, and the inlet of another. We wanted to see what the potential was for this IHI turbo. Some rumors were that it was good for 700 whp.
Click though for some more detailed pictures. Compressor wheel

There is a step in there. This measurement was just to help eyeball the inducer diameter.

The exhaust wheel exducer is pretty small.

The wastegate puck is pretty large.

Another picture just so we can eyeball the exducer diameter.
After looking at the inlet and outlet size of this turbocharger, I think it looks, on paper similar to the size of a 2510 turbo. Real similar to the size of the "special Nismo" turbos we had on the racecar for a while. The compressor blade design is interesting. Its also interesting how much power the car makes at 11-12 psi of boost that it runs. On paper, the stock turbos look like they are good for about 600 hp, however we are seeing about 520 hp at the engine at 11-12 psi. The size of the wastegate is also something to consider. Its large, and the exhaust wheel is small. 

CBA-R35 Turbos, RH, LH
Early My2009 USDM, 2008 JDM, 14411-JF03A & 14411-JF03B
Late My2009 (+ Euro models) and My2010-2011 14411-JF10A & 14411-JF20A
2010-2011 SpecV 14411-JF30A & 14411-JF40A
My2012 14411-KB50A & 14411-KB60A


Anonymous said...

i was wondering where the actual turbo sit from a birds eye view of the engine. is it inside or under the engine block somewhere?

for example this link shows an overview of the engine:

the 2 silver pipes leading from the engine block to black box at the front 2 corners, is that the air intake box?

Sean Morris said...

The turbos are on each side of the engine, behind the engine mounts, tucked up beside the block.

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