Autoblog : 90 seconds in a Nissan GT-R

Autoblog. This car looks strangely familiar. I wonder why ?
"The car is very quiet, as we mentioned. The ride is smooth and compliant, at least with the suspension set to normal. We didn't have time to sample the other settings. We did toggle through the center display screens, marveling at the Playstation Gran Tursimo designers' handiwork. While they all probably could be useful in tuning, they make great entertainment on their own. The g-meter alone is worth hours of fun. As we entered traffic, our hearts sank a little at the congestion ahead. We were barely able to get up to the posted speed limit during our drive out. On the return though, the driver was able to accelerate a bit harder and we got to sample that amazing engine and all of that engineering in action. "
"This thing is a freight train. Coupled with the paddle-shifted tranny, that twin-turbo 6 felt more like a V12. We could barely feel the upshifts and the power never sagged. Normally a turbo will have a slight dropoff between gears and the accompanying gearshift will cause a break that makes your head rock forward. Not in this car. We were pinned back the whole time."

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