Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R on its way to the US

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Cobb Tuning is importing an R35 GT-R to do development work. In the past they had first worked on Subaru WRX parts, then more recently Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution parts. At the SEMA show this year, they had an Infiniti G37 Coupe.

The 6 months difference between when Japan and the US got the R35 GT-R was too great, so Cobb decided to import a car themselves. I have known about this one for a while, and today they posted some pictures and information to their blog

"To get a start as early as possible, I decided to go ahead and order a car direct from Japan. This way I could order the color and trim I wanted, without the risk of getting nailed with markups that now appear to be the norm for US dealerships. This entire process has been nearly a year in the making with a lot of planning, discussion with the US government to make sure we could bring in the car legally for R&D purposes, etc. Just so you know, we’re doing this 100% legit. Our GT-R won’t be used EVER on the street. It is strictly a R&D vehicle that will be driven on the track only. I’m perfectly OK with that as we will be using this to develop new product and test it on the track, which is what we end up doing with most of our demo cars anyway…

Enough babbling, on to the pictures. Here’s our R35 prior to being loaded into the container on route to America. We ordered a White Base model. The fancier seats, wheels and stereo weren’t worth it considering they’ll be replaced anyway.

...the parts we’re prototyping for it….including of course the AccessPORT for the impossible to crack ECU!"

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