Lease an R35 Nissan GT-R

From Inside Line

"Nissan North America told Inside Line on Friday that there will be a lease option on the 473-horsepower Nissan GT-R. Such an option presumably could make the supercar, which starts at $69,850 for the base model, just a bit more affordable for the average consumer because lease payments are traditionally lower than financing an outright purchase."
"n an earlier e-mail, Harrison responded to an Inside Line query about GT-R leasing with this statement: "It is too early for us to discuss lease penetration on this vehicle. As you know, the GT-R is a supercar that will be sold in very low volumes and, as such, we anticipate that the vast majority of consumers will opt to buy the vehicle rather than lease."

Harrison also confirmed that the Japanese automaker will do a GT-R V-Spec model, but said there is no word yet on whether the "U.S. will get it.""

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