Regularly updating vehicle lines is seen as key to success

From Automotive News
"Ask Saul Rosen about the worries of the auto industry, and he will give you a relaxed answer: The key to success, he says, is fresh product. As incoming chairman of the Nissan National Dealer Advisory Board, Rosen is less concerned about the temporary ups and downs of the economy, the car market or the Nissan brand itself and more focused on the big picture."

" Some Nissan dealers are contemplating markups of as much as $20,000 on the new Nissan GT-R sports car when it arrives here this summer. Is the council discussing the prospect of big dealer markups?

It behooves us to intelligently market the car, but there's only so much that the council can do about markups like that."

"How many GT-Rs will a Nissan
dealer have to sell to make back your investment to receive the car, which is about $20,000?

To be honest, if you're a dealer of any size, you have to get the car regardless of the payback. It's a halo car for the franchise. It's going to bring people in who wouldn't normally buy a Nissan
. I've already talked to people about it who normally drive Porsches. So to me, the cost of selling the GT-R is just marketing. If I end up making some money, fine. I'm going to make the investment back, but I'm not worried about it."

Its always interesting to hear information from the dealers perspective. I try and keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in the industry. Automotive News is a great source for dealer and manufacturer related news.

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