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"As you may know, we’re NOT a fan of running a car at full load on the dyno until we’ve properly broken in the engine. However, we were constantly asked today what it did on our dyno so we succumbed to the pressure and we went ahead and made a few WOT pulls with only a scant 100 km on the clock.
OK, here are the results. A few things to keep in mind.

a) We use a Mustang AWD dyno and all power figures are at the WHEELS. Not the highest reading dyno out there, not the lowest.
b) Runs were made in 3rd gear due to the speed limiter coming on in 4th. Partial runs in 4th produced better torque but we hit the speed limiter before peak HP. Remember, this is a JDM model and thus has a 180 kph (~112 mph) speed limit…too be removed soon!
c) We’re at ~4000 ft altitude here in SLC. Thinner air, less power. Even with turbos. Hard to directly compare NA to Turbo but a brand new stock Z06 puts down 405 HP to the wheels on our dyno.
d) A 50/50 mix of 91 octane and 100 octane was used, which isn’t too different in octane rating from the fuel normally used in Japan."
"Blue Line is torque (peaked at 416 ft-lbs)
Red Line is HP (peaked at 419 HP)
Green is Boost (peaked at 13.8 psi)
Gray Line is A/F Ratio (dipped down to around 10.5:1)

We made nearly 440 ft-lbs torque in 4th gear since it could load the engine a bit more, and I’d suspect that with some time to properly break in the engine and removing the speed limit, we’ll see maybe ~450 HP (wheels). Not too shabby!"

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