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"Nissan set the stage for a heroic David and Goliath battle when it introduced its new GT-R supercar last fall, flatly stating its "performance bogey" was none other than Porsche's iconic 911 Turbo."

"How about a closed airport runway, far away from other vehicles and with an emergency crew on hand – just in case? Okay, that sounded about right.

The idea was simple: accelerate from one end of a 1.6 km runway to a braking point at around 1.2 km, as quickly as possible. It wouldn't be a comparison of time, but a weighing of how each car felt."

"But is the $196,000 Turbo more than twice as good as the $81,400 GT-R?

As any creative accountant will tell you, numbers alone only tell half the story. That's why even though both cars match up quantitatively (well, except for price), we were more interested in how these two paper rivals behaved qualitatively.

The only 911 Turbo available to Canadian media is a fully optioned $196,000 cabriolet with a five-speed Tiptronic manumatic (a hardtop Turbo with a $4,790 Tip and $12,300 ceramic brakes comes in at $175,390.)"

Turbo, Convertible, Tiptronic Porsche. Now thats a chicks car. A wealthy one, or one with a rich man friend.

"After the last of our three runs, the Nissan's brakes felt less confident. The best I could do was 249 km/h for a top speed."

"On the very last run, we saw the Turbo better the GT-R. But only by 10 km/h, to 255."

I am no math wizard, but last I checked 255-249 would be 6 km/hr. Which for all us normal folk in the USA, would be about 6km/hr x 0.6 = 3.6 mph. I can't say the two speedos don't read above and beyond different than that.

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