TBWA Direct Marketing Campaign for Nissan GT-R in Europe

From The Drum

The vehicle is available to buy in 2009 and the Didsbury-based agency has developed DM packs for 1,500 Nissan dealers across Europe.The packs, which come in the form of a black box, encloses a multimedia CD that reveals an exclusive preview and insight into Nissan’s new supercar. Locked between two glass panels and four screws, the interactive CD can be released by a key within the box.

The pack is the third and final element to a staggered campaign.

Darren Cox at Nissan Europe, said: “With only a limited number of Nissan GT-Rs being unleashed onto the market next year and the huge publicity that has surrounded its launch, we’re expecting high demand. The pack is perfect for informing, exciting and giving the dealers an exclusive preview into the new model.”

Robert Harwood-Matthews, CEO of TBWA\Manchester, added: “We’re showing Nissan dealers what the new Nissan GT-R is all about. The campaign totally breaks away from the norm by treating them as car enthusiasts and potential buyers rather than dealers, ensuring that they are passionate and more than able to deal with the Nissan GT-R’s audience of premium petrol-heads.”

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