Nissan Australia: No R35 GT-R for You

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Nissan Australia has fired off a vauge, sort of nasty letter to importers in Australia about the R35 GT-R.

The letter begins by outlining the fact that Nissan Japan is the owner of the Australian trademarks for Nissan, the Nissan logo, the term ‘Nissan GT-R’, and the GT-R logo. It then goes on stating ‘we are instructed that neither Nissan Japan nor Nissan Australia presently has consented to the Trade Marks being applied to any R35 GT-R motor vehicle currently imported into Australia by parties unauthorised by Nissan Japan … The sale of such vehicles has the potential to damage the reputation and goodwill in the Trade Marks … Accordingly, any use of the Trade Marks by an unauthorised party in relation to a vehicle imported into Australia which has not been manufactured for the Australian market may amount to trade mark infringement.”

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