Driving Northwest - A Bargin in the Performance Car World

Driving Northwest

" Personally, I'm a little cool towards the Mr. Roboto lines. In its press material even Nissan calls the styling "function over form." It's coefficient of drag is 0.27 (among the best) and the shape creates the proper high front and rear downforce that is much appreciated at its 193 top speed. This rig could look like a blender and few would care; the beauty here is in the performance. A fast car goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds. GT-R does it in 3.5. Add in physics, defying handling plus Brembo disc brakes so powerful the seatbelts will knock the wind out of you and it's clear GT-R is more than a car, it's a personal amusement park. Supercar driving dynamics not enough entertainment for you, Mr. Fun Hog? Those video game inspired gauges that graph acceleration, cornering and braking forces along with other performance data will keep you away from your Playstation 3 for good."


" In Japan, Nissan's GT-R has been given the name Godzilla. Its scorching lap time of 7:38 around the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife track is one of the fastest ever by a production-spec vehicle (though competitors claim the tires weren't street rubber). Considering the dozens of cell phone camera salutes I've witnessed its clear the word is out. The bravado is not false. Available in limited numbers, GT-R is worth the price and the wait."


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