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"Nissan has also been accused of deliberately underplaying the size and power of its new GT-R, advertising a mere 480 horses when quarter-mile times reportedly indicate something closer to 550. The suspicion is that Nissan is trying to save its owners a few bucks on insurance. But the Japanese car maker did make a big show of delivering the first GT-R -- previously known to U.S. fans only through video games -- to a Southern California customer at 12:01 a.m. last Monday morning. The company brags that more than 70% of the 1,700 GT-Rs allocated to the U.S. market this year have already been sold."

Hey, I know that dude. Anyway, the article goes on to say:

"The muscle-car market never consisted of people who worried about saving gas, and it doesn't now. Let's face it, Americans are still a wealthy people, and anyone willing to pay extra for the style and vroom of a genuine Motor City muscle car is no more likely to blanch at a few extra dollars at the pump than are buyers of top-of-the line BMW and Mercedes horsepower hogs."

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