Z06 vs R35 GT-R - Oman

Racing from a roll. This looks like it could be in Texas, but its in Oman. I think its pretty simple. The 3900 lb GT-R with 480 hp, is slower than the 3200 lb Corvette with 505 hp. I am suprised though on the LC launch. It should have killed the Z06 from a dig. I think we will be seeing plenty of these types of videos soon. Then the GT-R guys will get Accesports and exhausts.... then it will be against the nitrous Vettes. The heads and cam Vettes.


Anonymous said...

that has to be one of the shittiest videos i have ever is there to see?

Anonymous said...

Shittiet video ? ...its clear enough to show those GTR fanboyz wats wat

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