Vettezuki said...

I'll agree the better comparo would be with the ZO6 (assuming flying start and better tires as the GT-R and ZR1 had). However, the GT-R ain't no 480 BHP if it's dynoing close to 480 to the wheels LOL. My guess is the real world prices for these cars will be far closer together after markups. Don't get me wrong, Nissan deserves a lot of credit for building an astounding car.

Anonymous said...

Lets drop 638hp into a GTR and see who goes home with they're tail between they're legs

Unknown said...

I am sure that someone is going to put on some rediculously big tires on a ZR-1, and a Whipple Charger. This will eventually lead to record times. But then again, the GT-R can be boosted higher. Can't wait to see if the electronics in the GT-R will allow one to make big power or not.

Anonymous said...

They are both great cars. Why debate that?

!cid - there is a lot more to a performance car than HP... Weather conditions, driver, etc. But, if you want to match HP to HP, de-tune the GT-R to 290 HP and compare it to an NSX-R. Who would win? Does it matter?

Currently, amoung production cars, the GT-R has the 3rd fastest time at the Ring with 7:29.03. The ZR-1 has the fastest time at 7:26.4 with an "uncertain count measurement... less than 3 seconds difference over a 12.9 mile course. The 2nd fastest time goes to the Pagani Zonda F Clubsport at 7:27.82 during semi-wet conditions.

If you love the GT-R, you should revel in the fact that it is one of the fastest productions cars in the world. And with the Corvette always being thought of as a "performance bargain"... maybe the GT-R will redefine that.

Item Reviewed: ZR1 vs Nissan GT-R at the Nurburgring Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sean Morris