First 10 Second R35 GT-R

From Nagtroc.

The Jotech R35 GT-R has recorded the first 10 second pass in an R35 GT-R. 1.88 60 foot, off the launch control.

The ¼ mile time recorded was 10.956 @ 129 mph seconds (first GTR to break 11 seconds!!!). Oh and get this it was done on 22 inch wheels, three piece wheels. This was done directly after the Hot Import Showdown held at this track – which was an absolutely incredible event that I will not miss in the future. Cliff you did a great job!

Video of the 10 second pass after the jump

More to come soon.

Stock: 420HP / 430TQ
HKS 570 Kit (17 psi): 548HP / 573TQ

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Izzy said...

check out this 9 second GTR!

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