Power Enterprise Quad Charged GT-R

This lands on the realm of interesting. A quad charged GT-R. Twin Rotrex superchargers and stock twin turbos on this Power Enterprise demo GT-R.

The setup includes two Rotrex C30-94 superchargers, 650 cc injectors, an ECU, strengthened wastegate actuators , air intake, intercooler pipes, and an exhaust

The full specifications of the kit are going to be released at the TAS. I imagine this will be a fairly expensive kit. Its also interesting as belted superchargers act similar to turbochargers in their power delivery. They run about $2200 each, and are capable of supplying about 400 hp each supercharger. They would honestly be a little on the large side when used in conjunction with the factory turbochargers.

Source : Power Enterprise via GTRCenter.


Anonymous said...

Holy LORD!!!! thats like the most powerful GTR R35 to date!!!

What about the transmission system??

400HP per S/C thats 800HP + the stock Turbochargers AAH!

Anonymous said...

OMG. That’s really interesting but really what about the trany?

Sean Morris said...

PPG Gearboxes is working on a transmission upgrade, as are several other companies.

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