2009 Nissan GT-R Black Bison - Franchise Player

Super Street Magazine this month has a feature on the Los Angeles Lakers player Andrew Bynum's R35 Nissan GT-R.The car features a few mild horsepower upgrades, a Wald Black Bison body kit, and 21-inch Radernergie Motorsport 3-piece wheels.  At 7 feet tall, and 285 lbs, he has to be a tight fit in the GT-R.  sstp_1001_01_o 2009_nissan_gt_r front

The most prominent feature is undoubtedly the Wald Sports Line Black Bison edition body kit. Retailing at nearly $20,000 the Wald kit is an engineering wonder. Built at Wald's Osaka, Japan factory, each kit features European designing that cater to Japanese auto and driving performance. Their Sports Line brand is specifically made for street sports, and the kit for the GT-R is as artful as you can possibly get with aerodynamics. Andrew wanted a body kit that was not only unique, but also helped elevate his baller status. And if there's anything Wald can do, it's help establish the baller status in you.
sstp_1001_18_o 2009_nissan_gt_r brakes

Source : Super Street Magazine

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