Freedom Autosport GT-R at Daytona



Brought the GTR down for some laps today. Best time was a 1:57 on Switzer P800 kit with pump gas, Hoosiers, and PFC discs & pads from Motorsport Brake Specialists. Car has full interior, OEM seats, etc. Weighs in at near OEM weight.
We ran 2:06 bone stock about a year ago. So Switzer, Hoosier, and PFC from MBS picked up 9 seconds in 1 lap.
Had some fun passes with a few Ferarris, Porsches, Vettes, and what looked to be a race built new ZR1. It had the carbon brakes and the clear hood window, plus was quite fast. Looked gutted with a rollcage plus two race seats with an awesome yellow & black livery. The vette looked better than most pro cars, the best looking and close to the fastest "club" race car I've ever seen.
For those who may not know, the banking at Daytona is extremely bumpy at speed in certain areas. So much so that we had to reduce the front downforce to help steady the rear in order to stay flat through Nascar turn 4. The video shows just how bumpy it is.

I am not a big fan of their color combination or the first photos I saw of the car, however now it is moving. The last pictures I saw of the car, they had the splitter painted and a set of black wheels on the car.  Still not a fan of green and blue on a car, even a race car.

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