R36 GT-R To Be a Hybrid ?


The rumors floating around the interweb today say that the next generation GT-R(R36) is going to be a Hybrid. Nissan(Infiniti) has been showing the Infiniti Essence concept since earlier this year. Inside Line had some exclusive shots of unboxing the Essence when it arrived in the US.

This is what Inside Line had to say about the Infiniti Essence.

The concept car is reported to have a 3.7 liter direct injected twin turbo engine that puts out 432hp. The more interesting part is a electric motor that combined with a battery pack increases the vehicles output 158hp to 592hp.  Partial electric motor driven wheels, partial engine driven wheels. As weird as the concept may sound, it does actually work.


Then the rumors from Best Car magazine about the R36.

The next GT-R will come with an electric motor capable to deliver around 160 hp but also with a powerful gasoline engine which will deliver around 440 hp.

Concept cars normally show direction for future vehicles, so there is a good chance that this concept will become the R36 GT-R. 600 hp, direct injection. P-Car what ?

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Source : Best Car via 4wheelnews and NAGTROC

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