Nismo Festival 2009


Every year Nismo puts on a show for the fans to celebrate their years of racing. They bring out generations of Nissan race cars, and run them on the track. Kris over at GT-R blog has posted a few stories and a lot of pictures from the event. Head over to GT-R Blog and check out some of the pictures if you are a Nissan / Nismo race car fan.


 Walkthough Day 1


Walkthough Day 2


Dino posted some of his pictures up at SpeedHunters.


A couple of FIA GT1 GT-R silhouette cars. I say silhouette as they are V-8 powered and rear wheel drive. The look is awesome, the driveline less so. IMG_0344

Group A R32. In the early 1990's these cars dominated doorslammer racing in Japan. Check out this video of a Group A race.



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