901 horsepower GT-R vs ZR1

901 horsepower is what they dyno chart says.No real information on what is done to the car, but it has a Greddy overboost button, perhaps a Greddy turbo kit ? It looks fast, but not 900 hp fast.

MALAKA_3-901 hp - R35




The owner of the GT-R is from Greece and opened a tuning shop here in Romania.


It would also be interesting to know, if they are making the power they claim, how they overcame some of the clutch, and transmission issues with not wanting to shift at big power levels.  No one has gone too far into the TCM, and a few of the guys that are over 700 whp are having issues shifting from 3rd to 4th gear at full throttle.  It will be something simple, but something that needs to get sorted. New technology takes a little while to figure out.







Source : 6 Speed Online

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