Motor Trend : Farewell 2009

Angus MacKenzie, editor of Motor Trend Magazine posted up a few of his favorite cars of 2009, and the Nissan GT-R made his list.

This is what he had to say.

Speaking of character, here's an excerpt from a blog I wrote after hustling our long-term GT-R from LA to Vegas -- the long way -- for the SEMA Show last month: "The coolly calculated Nissan GT-R may not have the rosso romance of a Ferrari Daytona, the charming idiosyncrasy of a Porsche 911, or the aw-shucks muscle of a Corvette ZR1. But in form and function it is a supercar that deftly defines both its era and its origin. All gigabytes and manga, GT-R is a supercar like no other; a supercar that only Japan could have created. I'd call that character." And as for the performance... No matter how often I drive it, the GT-R's supercar-slaying capabilities never cease to amaze me. It is the world's best bang-for-the-buck performance car. Period.

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Some, ok a lot of journalists like to default to explaining the Nissan GT-R has no character, the “computers” do all the driving for you.  Get in a GT-R and push the far right pedal all the way down, then try and say it has no character.  The Nissan GT-R from the R32 days have always been a easy car to drive fast. Would you rather have a car that scares you, and you are not able to extract the most out of unless you are a near pro driver, or a car that makes an average driver fast ? A fast driver in a fast car, is just faster.


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