Autocar UK Test : The GT-R is Still King

autocar-logo Audi R8 V10 vs Porsche 911 PDK vs Nissan GT-R. Autocar UK took three heavy hitters to the track and compared them back to back with the same driver. Many automotive journalists say the GT-R lacks character or is not "fun" to drive.


Drove it twice and that was enough. Awesome performance, zero character (other than the jet-plane engine note). The GT-R is a video game for the street - replete with readouts by the GranTurismo guys - except your couch is quieter and doesn't ride like a skateboard.

Source : Inside Line


Watch the video, decide if being scared of a car, or having an easy to drive fast car is the quick way around the track. The numbers don't lie. 1:14.6 for the GT-R, 1:14.9 for the updated 500 hp, 7 speed Porsche 911 , 1:15.5 for the Audi R8. They show in the video that the GT-R is able to carry more speed though the corners, even though its the heaviest, and the least amount of power, speed though the corners is what puts it on top.


Some quotes from the video:


"Nissan GT-R is the benchmark." " much traction." "superb over the curbing."


911 Turbo

"..a handful.." "...understeer.." "..not as much traction.."

Source : GT-R Blog


Anonymous said...

Speed through the corners depends on the track. If the track is short and has alot of corners, then that holds true. If the track doesn't have as many corners but more straights we will see a differet outcome.

Sean Morris said...

"If the track doesn't have as many corners but more straights we will see a differet outcome."

Like an oval ? Not that many people race on an oval. That has a lot of straight and not many corners.

Straight line speed only gets you so far.

Do the math on any track. Calculate the total straight length, calculate the total corner length. Figure in time for acceleration and braking.

Then figure out if its faster to carry 5 mph for each length of each corner vs 5 mph faster in a straight line.

Anonymous said...

YOu should calculate 20-30 mph through the straights. Thats where your error is.

Also, just because there are more straights doesn't make it an oval.

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