Nismo Super Taikyu Spec GT-R Spied



GT-R Blog and GT-R World have posted some pictures and information on a Super Taikyu (Endurance racing) spec R35 GT-R.  Kris noted that I would be pleased that the car uses the VR38 engine and the GR6 transmission. I am also jealous that Kris was over at the Nismo festival, checking out all the cool Nissan’s.

The car that ran the Tokachi race was a test bed for both the SpecV and Super Taikyu platform for Nissan and Nismo . I suspect that we will see either a Nismo version, or maybe an R35 N1 from Nissan. The R32,R33,and R34 GT-R’s all had N1 versions that were sold by Nissan.


Source : GT-R Blog

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Jeff C said...

That's what I am hoping to see, either a Nismo or N1 version, as long as is some kind of stripped down race version.

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