2010 Porsche 911 Turbo vs Nissan GT-R Autobild Video

Brush up on your German.   The new 911 turbo goes up against the Nissan GTR in this video from Autobild.  The 911 is much faster in a straight line, but the hosts wonder how the faster 911 is slower around a road course.


The previous generation Porsche was 480 hp, and now is 500 hp. The current GT-R is 485 hp.

997.2 .


Jeff Chong said...

It is getting so close, is a tough choice, Bratwurst or Cha Siu? I still mostly prefer rice though.

Sean Morris said...

So you in line for a GTR yet Jeff ? Holding out for some updates ?

Anonymous said...

so sorry to have to dissapoint you gtr fan bois,...but the gtr is now down to selling 45 gtr's a month now here in the u.s, of oct. 2010,...people are really over this car big time,...and won't pay these kind of bucks for a supposed porsche-killer that now CAN'T kill it's competition anymore,...with numbers that dismal,...i don't expect nissan to continue selling this turkey much longer, way of comparison,..the 911 sells 500 a month, even in this crappy economy!

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