Inside Line : Modified Evo X vs Stock GT-R

Inside Line took their modified Evo X, and a stock GT-R and pitted them against each other at Streets of Willow Springs.


Our long-term 2009 Nissan GT-R has run the Streets in 1:25.68. The last stock Evo GSR we ran there did it in 1:32.51. We'd have to find nearly 7 seconds in the Evo. (Maybe we'll take a look at craigslist for jobs we can do at home, just in case we fail.)




Mods to the X were a GT30R turbo kit, Cosworth camshafts, intercooler, exhaust, injectors, clutch, and a tune that brought the X up to 388 whp on 91 octane.


Onto the chassis -265/35R18 Bridgestone RE-11 tires , Volk RE30 wheels, AST coil overs, and brake upgrades from Stoptech and Project Mu.


The Evo went first. After a couple of warm-up laps, Senior Road Test Editor Josh Jacquot, our test driver for the day, ran his first lap in anger, a 1.26.56. Over the radio he relayed a quick impression: "I didn't expect it to be that fast already. There's more time in it."

He whittled the time down to a 1.25.31 a few laps later. Came the report: "This thing is awesome. [Expletive] awesome."

Then it was the GT-R's turn. Right away, the GT-R put down a 1.25.22. But what's this? Each successive lap was slower and slower. Jacquot finally threw in the towel as the GT-R was now simply punishing its tires, not getting faster. The GT-R's first hot lap was to be its best time.


The Evo X can be a fast car, that is certain. However if you modify the GT-R, it will, and can pick up seconds of time even on a small tight track like the Streets of Willow Springs . I would have liked to have seen a Cobb Accessport on the R35, with Dunlop tires. Just those two little differences would have put seconds between the two cars.


Source : Inside Line via NAGTROC


Jeff C said...

I knew it, even a heavily modded EVO X can't beat a stock GTR. And comparing modded vs. stock is stupid in my opinion, apple to orange

oyz said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff C..., but completely disagree. When you consider that there is a almost a $50k difference in the sticker price of these two cars, it is downright amazing that the Evo comes within milliseconds of godzilla. That's impressive under any circumstances. But especially given that there is less than $10k of work done to the Evo and is still conservative enough to be a DD. I think the guys at Inside Line more than proved their point.

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